Om Sai Ram
Sanathana Sai Sanjeevini......healing fragrances


Given below is a detailed write up on Selected Sanjeevini Combinations (SSC) which can be used for healing most ailments.

Please go through these combinations very thoroughly - many diseases are dealt with under each main heading. This is your main reference material. Sanjeevini combinations can be used as prophylactics (preventatives) and can be very helpful when epidemics strike eg. Flu, Cholera, Chicken Pox, Measles, Malaria etc. The same combination is the prophylactic and the treatment too.

Note : The sub combinations listed below are described within the 'Basic Combination'. The 'Basic Combination' is the base for the sub-combinations & is also used as the base for ALL related diseases - These combinations can be varied according to your requirements, adding other Sanjeevinis wherever necessary.
 For a complete list of the Body Part Sanjeevinis and Disease Sanjeevinis please select the same from the index alongside.



SSC 1 - Sarva Shakti Shanti (Supreme Strength and Peace) Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Entities, Fears, Hyperactivity, Indecisiveness,Phobias, Resentment, Schizophrenia, Sleep disorders, Stress, Violence.
SSC 2 - Allergies Hayfever, Urticaria (Hives or pithi), Allergic Asthma.
SSC3 - Anaemia All types.
SSC 4 - Back Problems Spondylitis, Slipped Disc Sciatica, Lumbago (low back pain), Frozen Shoulder.
SSC 5 - Bedwetting
SSC 6 - Bleeding or Haemmorhage Nose bleed, Uterine bleeding, Prostate bleeding, Cut or Wound.
SSC 7 - Bites and Stings
SSC 8 - Blood Pressure (high)
SSC 9 - Blood Pressure(low)
SSC 10 - Brain Power Mental Retardation, Physical Retardation, Autism, Downes Syndrome, Epilepsy, Parkinsons Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Better Memory, Dementia, Examination Stress, Coma.
SSC 11 - Burns
SSC 12 - Cleansing & Kidney Urinary Tract Infection, Kidney Failure(Renal Failure), Kidney Stones (or stones anywhere in the urinary tract).
SSC 13 - Cold & Sinus problems
SSC 14 - Constipation problems Piles (Haemerrhoids).
SSC 15 - Diabetes Diabetes Mellitus, Juvenile Diabetes.
SSC 16 - Digestion problems Flatulence (Gas), Acidity, Indigestion Colic, Hiccups, Diarrhoea and Dysentry, Ulcer, Worms & Parasites, Cholera, Colitis, Crohn's Disease/ Celiac Disease, Poisoning.
SSC 17 - Ear problems Deafness, Tinnitus, Meniere's Disease Vertigo and giddiness, Pus in the ear.
SSC 18 - Emergencies
SSC 19 - Eye Conjunctivitis, Vision, Astigmatism Night blindness, Cataract, Glaucoma Styes, Blindess (due to injuries), Squint Eye, Tearing Eyes and Dry Eyes.
SSC 20 - Female problems Leucorrhoea (vaginal discharge), Puberty (girls), Menopause, Menstrual Disorders, Pregnancy, Childbirth, Threatened Miscarriage, Fibroids, Tumours, Cysts and Growths, Prolapsed Uterus, Infertility, Pre-Menstrual Tension.
SSC 21- Fevers Malaria, Typhoid, Chicken pox, Measles, Mumps, Tonsilitis, Diphtheria, Filaria, Dengue, Meningitis.
SSC 22- Glands (Including Cancer & AIDS) AIDS, Cancer, Tumours.
SSC 23 - Hair problems Lice, Dandruff.
SSC 24 - Headache problems Migraine.
SSC 25 - Heart Angina, Arteriosclerosis, Atherosclerosis, Palpitations, Hole in the heart.
SSC 26 - Injuries
SSC 27- Liver problems Jaundice (including all types of hepatitis), Gall Stones, Cirrhosis of the Liver.
SSC 28 - Lung & Chest Bronchitis, Cough, Pneumonia, Tuberculosis, Primary Complex (Beginning of Tuberculosis), Asthma, Pneumonic plague, Oxygenation.
SSC 29 - Male problems Puberty, Prostate problems, Hydrocele, Infertility.
SSC 30 - Paralysis Cerebral palsy, Polio.
SSC 31 - Pus & Drawing Boils and Abscesses, Fissures, Fistula.
SSC 32 - Rheumatism, Arthirtis and Gout
SSC 33 - Skin problems Psoriasis, Eczema, Fungal infection (including ringworm , Dhobi's itch, Barber's rash), Urticaria (Pitthi/ Hives), Leucoderma (Vitiligo - white pigmentationon the skin), Herpes Zoaster (Shingles), Herpes Simplex, Scabies.
SSC 34 - Sunstroke
SSC 35 - Teeth & Gums Caries, Teething in babies, Pyorrhoea and Bleeding gums.
SSC 36 - Thyroid problems Simple Goitre, Hyperthyroidism, Hypothyroidism.
SSC 37 - Tonsilitis & Other Throat problems Dry cough, Tonsils with Pus.
SSC 38 - Ulcers Ulcers of any part of the digestive system,or any other part due to diabetesor old injury or cancer.
SSC 39 - Vomitting
SSC 40 - Addictions Alcohol related, Caffeine related, Nicotine related, Drug related.
SSC 41 - Anorexia (loss of appetite)
SSC 42 - Appendicitis
SSC 43 - Gonorrhoea
SSC 44 - Hernia
SSC 45 - Incontinence Urinary incontinence, Sexual incontinence, Incontinence of desires (uncontrollable desire for any thing).
SSC 46 - Leprosy
SSC 47 - Marasmus
SSC 48 - Muscular Dystrophy
SSC 49 - Obesity(being overweight)
SSC 50 - Polyps
SSC 51 - Septicaemia
SSC 52 - Syphillis
SSC 53 - Water Retention
SSC 54 - Whooping Cough
SSC 55 - Vaccine Antidote
SSC 56 - Bone Disorders Bone Injuries, Osteoporosis, Fluorosis, Bunions, Growths, Spurs.
SSC 57 - Soil Rejuvenation
SSC 58 - Animals & Birds Ticks & Fleas, Canine Distemper, Mange, PFBD (Beak and Feather disease).



We suggest that you keep some or all or atleast the most commonly used of the following combinations of SS-Sanjeevinis ready to use as SAMPLES IN PILL FORM in small bottles. The samples can then be quickly multiplied as and when required for dispensing to a patient. How to do this is described under "Multiplying from a sample of Sanjeevini combinations" in the chapter entitled "Instructions" (Instruction 2).

Storage of samples

It is important to have an efficient retrieval system for the samples bottles. The simplest one is to use cellophane packets (zip types) putting a few samples in each packet. Packet No. 1 could have combinations 1-10, packet No. 2 could have combinations 11-20 and so on.

A more professional retrieval sysem would be to store the samples in a cardboard or plastic box with slots (see Exhibit-8).

Note : These combinations will be constantly updated as research continues. If you wish to be kept informed of new developments, please ensure that you are on our mailing list of healers by sending us mail at with the subject "mailing list - new developments".




Shakthi Sanjeevini + Mind Sanjeevini + Immune System Sanjeevini + Thought Management Sanjeevini + Antitoxin Sanjeevini + Shanthi Sanjeevini + Fitness Sanjeevini + Shock Sanjeevini.

The literal meaning of "Sarva Shakthi Shanthi" is "All Pervading Strength and Peace - at All Levels". It is THE most important combination and is therefore a part of all subsequent combinations. A good look at what goes into this combination tells us that a healthy mind and a sound immune system are the prerequisites for strength and peace - i.e. good health.

SSS, as this combination is called, can always be used as a starting point if you don't know where to start with a patient. All of us have suffered "shock" at some point in our lives. It is also a very good combination for people recouping from illness or very old people. And we all need Shanthi (peace). By giving this combination we are going to the very root of the problem because all problems arise in the mind. We therefore recommend that you convert all fresh pills/vibhuthi into Sarva Shakthi Shanthi (SSS). You can then use the SSS pills as your "stock" of pills and everyone you make the Sanjeevinis for, automatically gets SSS.

Basic Combination for Mental Disorders/Symptoms - SSS + Blood Sugar Imbalance Sanjeevini + SAFE* Sanjeevini + Whole Body * Sanjeevini + Vaccine Antidote Combination (Vaccinations are responsible for many of the mental conditions given below).

Anger: SSC 1(a) above + Anger Sanjeevini.
If this is needed for a young adolescent male please also add Vaccine Antidote Combination.

Anxiety: SSC 1(a) above + Anxiety Sanjeevini.

Depression: SSC 1(a) above + Depression Sanjeevini.

Entities (Bhooth) : SSC 1(a) above + Entities (i.e. bhooth) can enter the body of a person through black magic, tantra, or simply through having the defences down due to addctions like alcohol or drugs.

Fears : SSC 1(a) above + Phobias Sanjeevini.
Fears are due to Chakra imbalance which can be caused by vaccinations, diet, scars of old abuse (this birth or previous lives), addictions, allopathic drugs and addictive hallucinatory drugs. Please treat the causes if you can spot them.

Hyperactivity : SSC 1(a) above + Hyperactivity Sanjeevini.
This is a problem we see mostly in children. The problem is becoming so rampant that we now have a medical name for it - Attention Deficit Disorder or Attention Deficit Syndrome. The medical world has responded by making an onslaught on the children's brains with drugs that put the brain to sleep. That is not the answer - after all how many of the world's children are we going to drug into permanent "sleep"? The solutions lie in finding causes and we would be foolish to turn a blind eye to the fact that these children respond almost instantly to change in diet - from a meat, milk and junk food based diet to a natural vegan (no meat, no milk, no eggs) diet using wholesome foods. Nothing from packets and bottles. There is however an even more basic cuase - why have children in the last 15 years or so developed more and more allergies and sensitivities? Many impartial researchers, doctors, and scientists are pointing the finger at vaccinations (please see note under Vaccine Antidote Combination for more details).

Indecisiveness : SSC1(a) above + Indecisiveness Sanjeevini.

Phobias : Same as Fears (v) above.

Resentment : SSC1(a) above + Resentment Sanjeevini + Forgiveness Sanjeevini.
Both these emotions - resentment and forgivness, are related - although resentment is also to do with lack of gratitude. It is unbelievable what these two conditions - resentment and incapacity to forgive - can do inside the body. These conditions are the seeds of physical manifestations of many cancers and tumours. Resentment is cancer at the emotional level.

Schizophrenia : SSC 1(a) above + Puberty(Boys) Combination (SSC 29 a) + Schizophrenia Sanjeevini.
Vaccinations, adverse sexual experience during adolescence can cause the chakras to go out of balance. A number of young men also develop heavy dependence on tobacco related products.
In India this is becoming a disease of young boys usually between the ages of 17 to 22 years. The story is usually the same - the boy leaves home to study in a college in a different town. Within a short time he is back home in a daze as though completely out of touch with his surroundings, his parents, with reality in general. It is usually impossible to get even a few words out of him to explain what has happened.
Please use other combinations from this series 1(a) or any other combinations that might be required e.g. Addictions (tobacco related) Combination (SSC 40).

Sleep disorders - SSC 1(a) above + Sleep Sanjeevini.
You can add other combinations from 1(a) if required according to symptoms e.g. Indecisiveness Combination 1(a) vii above or Stress Combination 1(a) xii below.

Stress : SSC 1(a) above + Examination Stress Sanjeevini.
This is for general conditions of stress. For children who are under stress due to examinations please also add Brain Power Combination (SSC10).

Violence : SSC 1(a) above + Vaccine Antidote Combination + Ahimsa (non violence) Sanjeevini.
This is really only SSC 1(a) but we are adding Vaccine Antidote and Ahimsa (non violence) again to reinforce our prayers.

Our planet is witnessing unprecedented violence. Mother Earth and her creatures are crying out at the abuse heaped on them. The karmic results are there for all to see - the violence of man against man.

In the 1984 census of sheep carried out in India - at least 20% of the flock were contaminated with Scrapie. Indians, those who eat this meat, eat the brains of the animals too - as a delicacy. Besides, in India, the rabies vaccine is "grown" on the sheep's brain, from where it is extracted and given to you as a vaccine.

How many "mad cow" disease deaths we have had in India, from the rabis vaccine and from eating the brains, is anybody's guess. There is an unwritten pact in the allopathic world that vaccinations must not be "blamed" for any wrong - what on earth would happen to this multi-billion dollar vaccination market? In India, a pregnant woman is vaccinated twice for tetanus - once at the beginning of the pregnancy when the organs of the foetus are being formed and one before delivery! Is there a hidden agenda here? It is common knowledge that the tetanus vaccine is "valid" for 10 years - so how is it that a pregnant woman must be vaccinated twice during her pregnancy? Is the tetanus vaccine a "carrier" for this hidden agenda? Will the Ayurvedic world and the Homoeopathic world take some collective, concerted action to lobby for the people? If you would like to be part of a growing team working to research this area (vaccinations) of "health care", please contact us at

In the meantime we request all healers to make a sample of the Ahimsa Sanjeevini and keep it on a permanent broadcast to Mother Earth. Let us pray that all kinds of violence ceases on this planet.

This Sanjeevini can also be given to:
- someone who is violent in thought, word or deed;
- those who wish to give up eating animal products but can't help themselves;
- anyone who, in the opinion of the healer, needs it.

SAFE Sanjeevini (DS 143) - stands for Scars of Abuse, Fears Eradication. It is to be used in all cases where there are fears, complexes and psychological conditions for any reason (including schizophrenia) and any other condition which the healer or the patient feels (eg. Cancer) can be attributed to any kind of "abuse" - sexual or otherwise - recent or long past from childhood.

Whole Body Sanjeevini (BPS 54) - balances and removes blockages from the body and mind, allowing the Higher Spiritual Self to assert itself. The prayer for this Sanjeevini has included "seeking forgiveness" for karmic causes at the levels of the Astral body and the Causal body and praying that such karmic causes be dealt with at the dream or sleep level - if the Lord wills, that is. Use this Sanjeevini when ever you feel (a) the whole body is affected; (b) when there appear to be karmic causes; (c) disorders appear at birth - even if the whole body is not involved e.g. blindness; (d) whenever you feel the inner urge to use it.




SSS + Allergies Sanjeevini + Cleansing combination (SSC 12) + Blood Sanjeevini + Liver Sanjeevini + Vaccine Antidote Combination.

This is the basic combination for allergies of all types.

  1. Hayfever - Allergies combination + Hayfever Sanjeevini.
    This combination is to be used if the allergy manifests as hayfever (sneezing bouts), to be taken frequently during an attack.

  2. Urticaria (Hives or pithi) - Allergies combination + Urticaria Sanjeevini + Skin combination.
    This is to be used if the allergy is a skin rash. Avoid the offending food or substance that has caused the rash as well as sour, chilly and very salty foods eg.fried food, pickles.

  3. Allergic Asthma - Allergies combination + Asthma Combination SSC 28(g)
    (For Asthma combination also look under Lung & Chest combination - SSC 28 ).

It is important to remember that we develop allergies only when our immune system is down. Vaccines compromise our Immune System. Valuable antibodies attach themselves to the foreign antigens being injected into the blood stream through vaccinations. With much of our immune system committed to a handful of "germs" our body is left virtually unprotected from being overtaken by other diseases. In children, vaccines can cause the lining of the intestines to become sensitive and inflamed and theses children then develop severe allergies to milk, gluten (in wheat) and many other substances. The level of toxicity has gone up in the body to such a great extent that "allergies" develop.

An allergy is a very kind reminder from our "radar" or warning system that a total breakdown of health is approaching. Anti-histamines which are usually taken indiscriminately by "allergic" people, only succeed in shutting up this "radar" that the body uses to warn us.




SSS + Anaemia Sanjeevini + Blood Sanjeevini + Spleen Sanjeevini + Cleansing combination (SSC 12) + Vaccine Antidote Combination (SSC 55).

Anaemia can actually be caused by milk.

It is common for medical advice even in this day and age to include milk, meat and eggs. This is folly. What the body cannot digest will only produce toxins. That is, a bigger burden for the already run down body. What looks like good nutrition in the laboratory does not necessarily look good inside the body which cannot digest it.

In fact it doesn't even look good in the laboratory! We have long been sold a myth by the dairy, meat, and egg industry, that these foods are the richest sources of iron and protein. The truth is, ounce for ounce, daals, lentils and beans are richer in protein than any of these foods.

As far as iron is concerned 50 gallons of milk contains as much iron as a bowl of spinach. Milk drinkers - please don't rush off and have a bowl of spinach in addition to your glass of milk - the milk does not allow your body to absorb the iron from the spinach! Stop the milk and cleanse your insides with a lemon-water-and- honey drink twice a day. Then the spinach is wonderful.

Supplement the treatment with Sai Protein Food (see recipes).




SSS + Spine Sanjeevini + Back Sanjeevini + Slipped Disc Sanjeevini + Sciatica Sanjeevini + Spondylitis Sanjeevini + Bone Sanjeevini + Muscle Sanjeevini + Blood Sugar Imbalance Sanjeevini + Nervous System Sanjeevini

This is your combination for:

  1. Spondylitis

  2. Slipped Disc

  3. Sciatica

  4. Lumbago (low back pain)

  5. Frozen Shoulder - For this use Back Problems combination + Shoulder Sanjeevini + Frozen Shoulder Sanjeevini.

You can add as you need. For some you may need to add Rheumatism/Arthritis/Gout Sanjeevini; for others you may need to add Hip Sanjeevini or Leg & Foot Sanjeevini.

A rolling pin and a golf ball can be very helpful in alleviating back problems.

Rolling pin - place one end of the rolling pin on the point on the buttock which coincides with the "injection" point. (This is where injections are usually given). This point is very painful when there is a back problem or sciatica or slipped disc, so it is easy to find. Place the other end of the rolling pin against the wall and push gently. The more pain you are able to bear in doing this, the sooner will healing start. Do this to the count of 10 atleast 3 times.

Golf ball - Lie on the back in bed if it is a hard bed or on a blanket on the floor if it is not. Place the golf ball under you and roll it around by moving over it. The most painful area and therefore the most healing area, is the space between the scapula (shoulder blade) and the spine. The next most painful area is the space between the scapula and the shoulder and arm joint. Do this for as long as you like. Do not bring the ball directly under the spine.

Bhujangasana is a good yogic posture to keep back problems at bay.




SSS + Bedwetting Sanjeevini + Cleansing Combination + Muscle Sanjeevini + SAFE Sanjeevini + Vaccine Antidote Combination.

(Bedwetting in children is often due to fears or insecurity).




SSS + Bleeding Sanjeevini + Circulatory System Sanjeevini + Veins & Arteries Sanjeevini + Endocrine System Sanjeevini + Emergencies combination (SSC 18)

Add to this the relevant Body Part Sanjeevinis or their combinations:

  1. Nose bleed - Bleeding combination + Nose Sanjeevini and if indicated, Sinuses (all) Sanjeevini(BPS). Sometimes nose-bleed is due to high blood pressure. In such a case also give Blood Pressure (high) Combination for a long period.

  2. Uterine bleeding - Bleeding combination + Female Problems combination (SSC 20) for abnormal uterine bleeding.

  3. Prostate bleeding - Bleeding combination + Male Problems SSC combination (SSC 29) Prostate Sanjeevini + Pus & Drawing combination (SSC 31) for prostate bleeding.

  4. Cut or Wound - Bleeding combination + Injury combination (SSC 26) + the relevant Body Part (eg.Arm and Hand Sanjeevini).
    For a bad cut or wound give frequently. In water, it can be applied locally as well.

R-30, a homoeopathic ointment (German) is a good first-aid item to have around the house. It works well on cuts, wounds, burns, bites, stings, rheumatic pains etc.




SSS + Bites&Stings Sanjeevini + Infection Sanjeevini + Cleansing combination(SSC12) + Poisoning combination (SSC 16 (l)).

To this add the Body Part Sanjeevini where the bite is located eg. Eye, Leg, Arm, Face or Neck Sanjeevinis as the case may be. The combination made up in water may be applied locally as a lotion or R-30 may be used.

R-30, a homoeopathic ointment (German) is a good first-aid item to have around the house. It works well on cuts, wounds, burns, bites, stings, rheumatic pains etc.




SSS + Cleansing combination (SSC 12) + Endocrine Sanjeevini + Blood Pressure (high) Sanjeevini + Circulatory system Sanjeevini + Veins & Arteries Sanjeevini + Sinuses (all) Sanjeevini (BPS) + Heart Sanjeevini + Thyroid Sanjeevini.
Please do not discontinue the allopathic drugs. The patient will reduce them on his own as he gets better. Diet is of paramount importance. Salt intake to be drastically reduced. Only fruits for breakfast - no cereal or grains before noon.

Important : Please read carefully the note accompanying Lung & Chest combination (SSC 28) and the Thyroid Problems combination (SSC 36) regarding Lassix and salt.

High Blood Pressure patients often suffer from heart disease and arteriosclerosis as well. Please refer to the Heart combination for details of what to give if this is the case.




SSS + Cleansing combination (SSC 12) + Anaemia combination (SSC 3) + Liver Sanjeevini + Circulatory System Sanjeevini + Veins & Arteries Sanjeevini + Sinus Sanjeevini + Blood Pressure (low) Sanjeevini.

Important : Please read the note accompanying Anaemia Combination regarding milk, meat, protein and iron.




SSS + Brain Sanjeevini + Brain Power Sanjeevini + Nervous System Sanjeevini.

This combination can be used as a brain tonic for students as well as adults who find their mental faculties slowing down.

  1. Mental Retardation - Brain Power combination + Retardation (Mental) Sanjeevini + Endocrine System Sanjeevini + Whole Body Sanjeevini + Vaccine Antidote Combination.

  2. Physical Retardation - Brain Power combination + Retardation (Physical) Sanjeevini + Endocrine System Sanjeevini + Whole Body Sanjeevini + Vaccine Antidote Combination.
  3. If you are dealing with a spastic child (due to any causes - polio, cerebral palsy etc.) Please add Paralysis Combination and any other relevant Body Part Sanjeevinis that may be required. If the cause is polio, please add Polio Sanjeevini.

  4. Autism - Brain Power combination + Autism Sanjeevini + Speech Sanjeevini + Tongue Sanjeevini + SAFE Sanjeevini + Endocrine System Sanjeevini + Whole Body Sanjeevini + Vaccine Antidote Combination.
  5. These children usually have severe allergies. (Please treat them separately for allergies). For this reason they must be kept completely away from JUNK FOOD and packet food of any kind. They are very sensitive to sugar, which can make them very violent and almost all of them are severely allergic to milk. Many are also allergic to wheat. They find it very difficult to make any personal relationships.They avoid any kind of eye contact.

    Their senses are highly tuned - they see things very magnified and hear sounds which we do not even notice. Similarly their memories are also finely tuned so that they remember the previous life - with its old body and previous relationships - the present body and present parents are to them a frightening "misplacement".

    The only known cause of Autism is childhood vaccinations.

    Autism is not the end of the road however - many children grow up to be almost normal. From experience we know that these children have probably taken rebirth very soon after having left the previous body - probably in a violent or sudden manner.

  6. Downes Syndrome - Brain Power combination + Downe's Syndrome Sanjeevini + Whole Body Sanjeevini.
  7. These children have a lot of problems with sinuses, and chesty conditions. They also have a weak heart. Add all the relevant combinations for these conditions. Like autistic children these children must be kept on a ZERO JUNK FOOD DIET.

    Note: The extra chromosome these children carry is likely determined by the number of X-rays the parents have been exposed to in their lifetime.

  8. Epilepsy - Brain Power combination + Epilepsy Sanjeevini + Endocrine System Sanjeevini + Whole Body Sanjeevini + SAFE Sanjeevini + Blood Sugar Imbalance Sanjeevini + Vaccine Antidote Combination.
  9. Note: Please add the Injury Combination (SSC 26) if the problem started after an injury.

    There are two types of Epilepsy - Petit mal and Grand mal. In Petit mal the patient, usually a child, tends to develop a vacant look in the eyes for a short period (ranging from a few seconds to a few minutes). After that the child usually goes to sleep for a few hours.

    In Grand mal, the patient has a violent fit and falls down and often injures himself.

    It appears that epilepsy has become very common today. The truth however is that many children are diagnosed as having epilepsy and put on dangerous, addictiive, mind-boggling, liver destroying drugs. We feel that the so called "brainstorms" that these children are said to suffer from are triggered by external factors. Television is a major culprit. Too many electric gadgets in the house operating together is another cause. Perfumes and certain smells, sugars, bottled drinks, artificial flavours have a big role to play in destroying the lives of these children and their parents. The root cause however, is usually either (a) vaccinations or (b) injuries.

    These children are often worse at the full moon or the moonless night.

    The "Chakras" of these children are not tuned in correctly. The Endocrine System Sanjeevini is programmed to balance the Chakras.

    Drugging these children is not the answer.If the children have already been on the allopathic drugs for sometime, do not discontinue the drugs immediately. As improvement takes place the parents must slowly reduce the drugs. If both parents are counselled on what the television and wrong foods are doing to the child, we find that the lifestyle of the whole family changes bringing about great relief in the life of the child.

  10. Parkinsons Disease - Brain Power combination + Parkinsons Sanjeevini + Paralysis combination (SSC 30) + Endocrine System Sanjeevini + the affected Body Part Sanjeevinis or Whole Body Sanjeevini.

  11. Multiple Sclerosis - Brain Power combination + Multiple Sclerosis Sanjeevini + Endocrine System Sanjeevini + Paralysis combination (SSC 30) + Whole Body Sanjeevini + Vaccine Antidote Combination. (together with sanjeevinis against which vaccinations have been given e.g. Measles Combination (SSC21(d)), Mumps Combination (SSC21(e)) etc.)
  12. Vision and speech may be affected. In such cases please add the Vision combination (see Eye combination) + Speech Sanjeevini + Tongue Sanjeevini.

  13. Better Memory - Brain Power combination + Better Memory Sanjeevini.
  14. Named as it is, there is no one who will not "want" this Sanjeevini. But there is also a pun on the word "better" - when we can recall only the negatives of our life - its time to use this Sanjeevini for recall of "better" days and experiences. Of course it is also for improving the memory.

  15. Dementia Sanjeevini - Brain Power combination + Antitoxin - Heavy Metals Sanjeevini + Liver combination
  16. Dementia is a disorder of the brain involving loss of memory and other intellectual functions. This combination is also to be used for Alzheimer's Disease.

  17. Examination Stress - Brain Power combination + Examination Stress Sanjeevini.
  18. Examination Stress Sanjeevini can be used for all of life's examinations and tests - not only for students' appearing for academic examinations.

  19. Coma - Brain Power combination + Coma Sanjeevini.
Important : For detailed information on the Whole Body Sanjeevini please refer to note given under Sarva Shakthi Shanthi Combination.




SSS + Burns Sanjeevini + Infection Sanjeevini + Emergencies combination (SSC 18) + the affected Body Part Sanjeevinis. Scar & Scar Tissue Sanjeevini may be used for old scars on the body.

This combination can be applied locally in water. Another very good remedy for local application on burns is the gel which lies in the juicy leaves of the Aloe Vera cactus plant.

For minor kitchen burns keep a bottle of mustard oil mixed with salt ready for use in the kitchen. Apply as soon as there is a burn.




SSS + Kidney & U.T. Sanjeevini + Infection Sanjeevini + Abdomen Sanjeevini + Colon Sanjeevini + Antitoxin - Heavy Metals Sanjeevini + Antitoxin - Dental Fillings Sanjeevini.

This is your basic Cleansing combination

  1. Urinary Tract Infection - same as above.

  2. Kidney Failure (Renal Failure) - Cleansing combination + Renal Failure Sanjeevini + Emergencies combination (SSC 18)+ Body Tissue Sanjeevini + Blood Sanjeevini + Endocrine System Sanjeevini.
  3. Do not take any one off their allopathic drugs. This is a life-threatening disease. Sanjeevinis can be given side by side with allopathic drugs - remember Sanjeevinis are prayers and can do no harm.

  4. Kidney Stones (or stones anywhere in the urinary tract) - Cleansing combination + Stones (Kidney and U.T.) + Blockages Sanjeevini + Body Tissue Sanjeevini.




SSS + Sinus & Cold Sanjeevini (DS) + Sinuses (all) (BPS) + Fever & Flu + Infection + Blood Sugar Imbalance Sanjeevini.

If the problem is only of a runny nose use only Nose Sanjeevini + Discharges Sanjeevini.

For Hayfever, look under Allergies combination.

For chronic sinusitis - a drop of castor oil in the nose can be remarkably effective. The Flu Rasam (soup) is wonderful during colds and sinusitis (see Recipes chapter).




SSS + Constipation Sanjeevini + Alimentary Canal Sanjeevini + Abdomen Sanjeevini + Colon Sanjeevini + Blockages Sanjeevini.

Piles (Haemerrhoids) - Constipation combination + Piles Sanjeevini + Rectal Sanjeevini.

Diet is the most important factor. Fasting with lemon-water and honey is very useful.Breakfast is only fruits. Isabgol taken at night with water is also very useful.

Important : Please read the note on "Fruits - The Wonder Food" in order to nderstand how to eat fruits correctly - this is particularly relevant for constipation and piles.




SSS + Diabetes (adult) Sanjeevini + Pancreas Sanjeevini + Endocrine System Sanjeevini + Blood Sugar Imbalance Sanjeevini.

  1. Diabetes Mellitus Combination - same as SSC 15.

  2. Juvenile Diabetes - SSS + Diabetes (Juvenile) Sanjeevini + Pancreas Sanjeevini + Endocrine System Sanjeevini + Body Tissue Sanjeevini + Vaccine Antidote combination.
Do not take anyone off their insulin in either case. Their doctor will monitor them and regulate their insulin intake.

Diabetes Mellitus is a disease of "plenty" - eating too many wrong things for too long.

It is important to talk to diabetes patients about the right way to eat fruit.

Important : Please read the note on "Fruits - The Wonder Food" (in the section Guidelines on Diet & Lifestyle) in order to understand how to eat fruits correctly.

Juvenile onset diabetes is being now linked to childhood vaccines. Please be aware.




SSS + ACID Sanjeevini + Digestion Sanjeevini + Alimentary Canal Sanjeevini + Abdomen Sanjeevini + Colon Sanjeevini.

This is your basic Digestion combination which answers for most common digestion ailments:

  1. Flatulence (Gas) - Same as above.

  2. Acidity - Same as above.

  3. Indigestion - Same as above.

  4. Colic - Digestion combination + Pain Sanjeevini + Cramps Sanjeevini.

  5. Hiccups - Digestion combination + Hiccups Sanjeevini.

  6. Hiccups are an indication that the body is not happy with either what is being eaten (e.g. too much chilly) or that you are eating too fast. Sometimes it is an indication of internal haemorrhage. (People who take asprin often under the misguided notion that they are "preventing" heart trouble, could well be developing internal haemorrhage).

  7. Diarrhoea and Dysentry - Digestion combination + Diarrhoea/Dysentry Sanjeevini + Infection Sanjeevini + Fever Combination + Dehydration Sanjeevini.
  8. Fast with lemon water and honey. Rice kaanji or sago (arrowroot) water is good when some improvement is seen. Khichdi (rice/daal gruel) can be slowly introduced. Cook in ghee (clarified butter). Add black pepper (whole), ginger and cummin seeds to the hot ghee before adding the rice and daal and water.

  9. Ulcer - Digestion combination + Ulcer Sanjeevini.
  10. If the ulcer is in the mouth, add Mouth Sanjeevini.

    Ulcers in the mouth indicate that the body does not want to eat or that it wants only bland food. (Always cook even "bland" food in ghee and add whole black pepper, cummin and some ginger).

  11. Worms & Parasites - Digestion combination + Worms and Parasites Sanjeevini.
  12. Natural "de-worming" :

    1. Worms do not like raw carrots. Eating raw carrots will drive the worms out.

    2. Boil Neem leaves (10-15) in a cup of water (reduced to half a cup by boiling), add some salt and drink in the morning for 7-10 days.

  13. Cholera - SSC 16 (f) + Cholera Sanjeevini + Dehydration Sanjeevini + Fever Combination SSC (21).
  14. This combination can be used as a prophylactic (preventive) too. 3 doses a day till the epidemic lasts. If the disease does strike, this combination must be given in water for constant sipping and same precautions as given for Diarrhoea/Dysentry must be taken.

  15. Colitis - Digestion combination + Colitis Sanjeevini + Infection Sanjeevini + Inflammation Sanjeevini.

  16. Crohn's Disease/ Celiac Disease - Digestion combination + Crohn's Disease Sanjeevini + Vaccine Antidote combination.

  17. Although known as Crohn's Disease Sanjeevini, this Sanjeevini also covers Celiac disease. Crohn's Disease is a chronic inflammation of the intestine - usually the last part of the small intestine at the lower right end of the abdomen. However it can occur in other parts of the intestine as well. The inflammation can heal but often leaves scar tissue behind which can cause a blockage in the intestine. It starts most often in young adults. Celiac Disease on the other hand is usually diagnosed in infancy. Both diseases show allergy/sensitivity to dairy products and gluten (which is present in many grains esp. wheat).

    Note - rice does not have gluten. In India these conditions are sometimes referred to as Colitis. There is a causal relationship between vaccinations and Crohn's Disease and Celiac Disease.

  18. Poisoning (all types) - Digestion combination(above) + Liver combination (SSC 27) + Cleansing and Kidney combination (SSC 12) + Vomiting combination (SSC 39).
  19. If it is a case of food poisoning please add Fever combination (SSC 21) + Diarrhoea/ Dysentery combination (SSC 16 f, above)

    Note - For all problems relating to the digestive tract, diet is of utmost importance. Breakfast should be only fruits. Fasting is a very potent tool to help the patient "tune in" to the body's requirements. Please read the section Diet & Lifestyle.

    The Colon: The small intestine opens into the colon through a pouch like sac called the cecum at the lower right end of the abdomen. The colon travels up the right side of the abdomen (this section is called the ascending colon), turns at the rib cage to go across to the left side of the body (this section is called the transverse colon) and at the far left end it turns to go downwards (this section is called the descending colon). At the bottom left end of the abdomen it joins the rectum which in turn opens to the anus.

    The colon is a tube about 2 inches in diameter and about 5 feet in length. It has curves and convolutions making it an ideal breeding ground for diseases. It is the part of the digestive tract which is most susceptible to cancer, tumours, polyps and growths and blockages It is in this part of our anatomy where maximum hygiene needs to be maintained but unfortunately it is perhaps the most neglected organ for most of us. This is where all the accumulated junk (sometimes 20 -30 years old) lies. The lining of the colon is sensitive and absorbs the good and the bad - mostly bad because the natural lining has now become coated with the artificial lining of accumulated rubbish. As the rubbish continues to accumulate, the colon stretches itself - soon sac like pockets begin to form to increase the storage space for the junk. These are known as diverticulii - these can cause significant discomfort and pain and lead to inflammation and infection (besides absorbing toxins produced by the contents which can lead to virtually all of the problems that humans suffer from today).

    Sometimes, with the burden of accumulated junk (or other reasons on rare occasions), the transverse colon comes free and collapses on top of the small intestine. This is called a prolapsed colon. The Prolapsed Uterus Sanjeevini (DS 102 ) may be used in conjunction with the Colon Sanjeevini for a prolapsed colon.




SSS + Ear Sanjeevini + Discharges Sanjeevini + Infection Sanjeevini + Pain Sanjeevini.

This is a basic combination to which you can add according to the problems :

  1. Deafness - Ear combination + Hearing & Deafness Sanjeevini + Nervous System Sanjeevini.

  2. Tinnitus - Ear Combination + Allergy combination + Tinnitus Sanjeevini.

  3. Tinnitus is the name for noises in the ear.

    These are usually due to fluid (pus) in the ear. Milk products and wheat products are the most common causes.

  4. Meniere's Disease - SSC 17 (b) + Meniere's Disease Sanjeevini + Body Imbalance Sanjeevini.
  5. The symptoms are deafness, vertigo, tinnitus.

  6. Vertigo and giddiness - SSC 17 (b) + SSC 17 (c).

  7. Pus in the ear - SSC 17 + Pus and Drawing combination (SSC 31) + Vaccine Antidote combination.
  8. In children this condition is finding a causal link with childhood vaccinations. The problems is further aggravated by dairy products andin some people who have developed a gluten sensitivity (again due to vaccinations) wheat too aggravates the problem. These foods need to be cut out. Please see section on "Recipes" for non-dairy milks.

    Recurring ear problems can be due to chronic Tonsilitis or Sinus problems. Please treat accordingly for those. Milk and milk products are the main culprits.




SSS + Emergency Sanjeevini + Pain Sanjeevini + Cramps Sanjeevini.

This is a basic combination which is often required. It can be given separately or added to any combination when the occasion requires it. Give in water for frequent sipping when there is an emergency like asthma attack, heart attack, accident, emotional shock etc.




SSS + Eye Sanjeevini + Infection Sanjeevini + Discharges Sanjeevini.

This is your basic combination for all eye infections :

  1. Conjunctivitis - Same as above.

  2. Vision - SSC 19 + Vision Sanjeevini + Muscle Sanjeevini + Spleen Sanjeevini + Cleansing Combination + Vaccine Antidote combination.

  3. Astigmatism - Same as SSC 19 (b)

  4. Night blindness - Same as SSC 19 (b)

  5. Cataract - SSC 19 (b) + Cataract Sanjeevini.

  6. Glaucoma - SSC 19 (b) + Glaucoma Sanjeevini.

  7. Styes - SSC 19 (b) + Pus & Drawing Combination (SSC 31).

  8. Blindess (due to injuries) - SSC 19 (b) + Brain Sanjeevini + Nervous System Sanjeevini + Injury combination (SSC 26)

  9. Squint Eye - SSC 19 (b) + Squint Eye Sanjeevini + Muscle Sanjeevni.

  10. Tearing Eyes and Dry Eyes - SSC 19 (b) + Tearing Eyes Sanjeevini + Blockages Sanjeevini + Vaccine Antidote combination.
  11. Should be used for both conditions - tearing eyes and dry eyes.

These Sanjeevinis can be made up in WATER and used in the eye locally.

For Vitamin A deficiency - drumstick leaves to be juiced or added to all daals or soups etc. Coriander leaves are an extremely rich source of Vitamin A. Wheatgrass eye-bath (See chapter on Wheatgrass). No milk.




SSS + Female Sanjeevini + Endocrine System Sanjeevini + Ovaries Sanjeevini.

This is the basic combination. Add to this as required:

  1. Leucorrhoea (vaginal discharge) - SSC 20 + Leucorrhoea Sanjeevini.

  2. Puberty (girls) - SSC 20 + Puberty (girls) Sanjeevini.
  3. During puberty (10 to 16 years of age) girls go through biological changes which, if not handled with care can cause many permanent changes in their nature causing them to throw tantrums and become complete rebels.

    It is a very crucial point in their lives. Most parents do not understand that often what these girls do and say is not their fault but only a consequence of the biological changes. They need a lot of patience and delicate handling at this point. Being tough and bringing the stick down on them is not going to help. They are discovering new things about their feelings and sensations and need support from mothers to understand what is happening.

  4. Menopause - SSC 20 + Menopause Sanjeevini.
  5. We are told that hot flushes, erratic menstrual cycle and flow, shifting moods, sudden onset of rheumatism and arthritis, change in eating patterns (eating all the time!), vertigo, occuring between the age of 35 and 50, can be signs that menopause is round the corner. None of these symptoms need necessarily occur but we have all been programmed to "expect" them - so they happen. Menopause CAN be a painless process!

    The medical profession and women in general have a very limited vision of the ovaries. They are not just egg producing machines - they produce very important hormones whic regulate many systems in the woman's body. after menopause, everyone thinks that the ovaries and the uterus are completely indespensable. Wrong! Nothing that God created was without meaning and purpose. After menopause, when the ovaries stop producing eggs, their inner layer takes over and continues to produce female hormones which make certain that we move without problems into and through our old age. By removing the ovaries women become a captive market for consuming the hormones that the pharmaceutical industry produces.

    However, the ovaries, in their astral form continue to live inside the woman's body (just as an amputated leg which is "no longer there" wants to be scratched or pressed). The Ovaries Sanjeevini is programmed to work not only on the "real" ovaries but also on the astral ovaries- with the prayer to re-activate the hormone activity through these astral bodies working on the scar tissue of the removed ovaries.

    So do not hesitate to use any body parts even if they are no longer there - their astral counterparts will take over the function with the prompt of the Sanjeevini prayer.

  6. Menstrual Disorders - SSC 20 + Menstrual Disorders Sanjeevini.
  7. - To be taken for 2-3 months.

  8. Pregnancy - SSC 20 + Pregnancy Sanjeevini.
  9. To be taken for all 9 months and continued for a further 3 months after delivery. For nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, please add Vomiting Sanjeevini.

    Pregnancy and Childbirth are not "diseases". This is a perfectly natural state and does not require medical intervention. We have however been conditioned to think of every female function to be a "problem". This mindset suits the medical profession who are always at hand with their technological interventions.

    Tetanus vaccine - In India and other third world countries (140 of them), the pregnant woman is given the tetanus vaccine at the behest of the WHO apparently to prevent neo-natal deaths from tetanus. The true agenda of governments and welfare organisations is unclear. Since the tetanus vaccine is valid for 5 to 10 years it makes absolutely no sense to give it 2 to 3 times in a period of 9 months. It is also now an open secret that in many countries the tetanus vaccine has been found to be "spiked" with Hcg - a hormone which when given with the tetanus vaccine - causes antibodies to be formed againtst the foetus and all future foetuses - thus making it effectively a birth control vaccine. While human rights organisations are looking into this flagrant violation of human rights we advise all women in the child bearing age to be aware! Educate yourself on this subject before you decide to vaccinate yourself or your child. Tetanus is not a disease that can occur very easily. The tetanus spore grows on in anaerobic conditions and all we have to do is ensure that a wound is cleaned thoroughly and if it is deep, ensure that it does not close up before the healing of the wound is complete.

    Recommended Reading:

    "Reclaiming Our Health" by John Robbins - ISBN 0-915811-69-3 Published by H.J. Kramer Inc. (who also authored "Diet for a New America") has a wonderful section (in fact the major part of the book) on the subject of how women are misguided, misinformed and misused by vested interests. This book is a "must read" for every woman, medical practitioner, healer and anyone wanting tomake an informed choce on women's health issues in particular and cancer treatment in general.

  10. Childbirth - SSC 20 (e) + Childbirth Sanjeevini.
  11. To be given 8th month onwards.

    Please see the note on the tetanus vaccine and Recommended reading under Pregnancy (SSC 20 (e) ) above.

  12. Threatened Miscarriage - SSC 20 + Miscarriage Sanjeevini + Bleeding combination (SSC 6) + Vaccine Antidote combination + Tetanus Sanjeevini.
  13. Give this in water to be sipped frequently. The patient must take complete bed rest. Keep 2-3 pillows below the feet in order to raise the level of the feet. Ice bag on the abdomen. Fast for a day so that the body does not have to exert in any way.

    Please see the note on the tetanus vaccine and Recommended reading under Pregnancy (SSC 20 (e) ) above.

  14. Fibroids, Tumours, Cysts and Growths - SSC 20 + Pus & Drawing combination (SSC 31) + Tumours & Growths Sanjeevini + Vaccine Antidote Sanjeevini + Polio Sanjeevini.
  15. Add Breast Sanjeevini to this combination if the problem lies in the breast.

    Note: During the 1950's and 1960's millions of people received polio vaccines that were contaminated with the SV-40 virus undetected in the monkey organs used to prepare the vaccines. SV-40 is considered a powerful immunosuppressor and trigger for HIV. It is said to cause a clinical condition similar to AIDS, and has been found in tumours, leukaemia, and other human cancers as well.

  16. Prolapsed Uterus - SSC 20 + Prolapsed Uterus Sanjeevini + Body Tissue Sanjeevini.

  17. Infertility (in the female) - SSC 20 + Infertility Sanjeevini + ACID Sanjeevini + Vaccine Antidote Sanjeevini
  18. Please see the note on the tetanus vaccine and Recommended reading under Pregnancy (SSC 20 (e) ) above.

    (For infertility in males see Male Combination).

  19. Pre-Menstrual Tension - SSC 20 + Pre-Menstrual Tension Sanjeevini.
  20. Take three doses a day for 2-3 months. When and if the problem does come take this combination in water as frequently as required. If there is pain please add the Emergency Combination (SSC 18).

    The monthly menstrual cycle is an event that should ideally go by unnoticed. However, it is to the advantage of those who stand to benefit (pharmaceutical companies mostly) to make a woman feel that she has a disease and that she needs special medical care from the time of menarche ( on set of the monthly cycle at age 13) till the time she finally reaches menopause. At that time for one reason or the other (mostly irrelevant) a hysterectomy is performed and she becomes totally dependent on hormones for the rest of her life.

    Every woman must empower herself with the knowledge that PMT is caused mostly by dietary factors. If you are on a meat, milk, junk food diet - get off it. Switch to more and more fresh fruits, vegetables and grains.

    Note: We recommend that all women read John Robbins excellent book "Reclaiming Our Health" on the subject. Another very good book is "Male Practice - how doctors manipulate women" - By Dr. Robert Mendelsohn MD.




SSS + Fevers & Flu Sanjeevini + Immune System Sanjeevini + Infection Sanjeevini + Blood Sugar Imbalance Sanjeevini.

This is the basic Fevers Combination. To this you can add other Sanjeevinis depending on the kind of fever. Sanjeevinis can be used as Preventives for all childhood and other infectious diseases.

  1. Malaria - SSC 21 + Malaria Sanjeevini + Spleen Sanjeevini.

  2. Typhoid - SSC 21 + Typhoid Sanjeevini + Alimentary Canal Sanjeevini.

  3. Chicken pox - SSC 21 + Chicken pox Sanjeevini + Skin Sanjeevini.

  4. Measles - SSC 21 + Measles Sanjeevini + Skin + Lung & Chest combination.

  5. Mumps - SSC 21 + Mumps + Glands combination.

  6. Tonsilitis - SSC 21 + Tonsilitis Combination.

  7. Diphtheria - SSC 21 + Diphtheria Sanjeevini + Tonsilitis Combination.

  8. Filaria - SSC 21 + Filaria Sanjeevini + Cleansing combination + Glands combination.

  9. The affected Body Parts Sanjeevinis may be given eg. Leg and Foot Sanjeevini, Male combination or Female combination. An acute case must be treated like any other fever case. Do not refuse old cases where the body part is swollen (lymph drainage is impaired). Some very old cases have been greatly helped by the Sanjeevinis by removing most of the discomfort and swelling. In old cases add Swelling Sanjeevini.

  10. Dengue - SSC 21 + Bleeding combination (SSC 6) + Dengue Sanjeevini + any other combinations or sanjeevinis depending on symptoms.
  11. This Sanjeevini is to be used for all types and strains of Dengue Fever.

  12. Meningitis - SSC 21 + Meningitis Sanjeevini + any other combinations according to symptoms e.g. Headache, Neck, pain etc.(Please select the required body part sanjeevinis and disease sanjeevinis from the main menu).
  13. This Sanjeevini is for both viral and bacterial infection of the meninges, the membrane that covers the brain. Make the Sanjeevini combination in water and give frequently. Keep the patient on a liquid diet consisting of juices and blended fruits.

It is important to remember that fever is a friend. It is a sure sign that the body's Immune system is alive and kicking. The worst thing we can do is to suppress a fever.A fever burns all undesirable unwanted guests like viruses and bacteria, clears blockages, throws out toxins, and is generally to be considered a welcome visitor. Fever is not a disease - it is the body's RESPONSE to a disease.

Whatever are the Sanjeevinis that are applicable in the case you are treating, give them in water for sipping frequently when the patient is awake. When the patient is sleeping an occasional drop in the mouth is adequate. For children, use an icepack on the head.

Please refer to the Recipes for Flu Rasam (soup).




SSS + Glands Sanjeevini + Lymphatic system Sanjeevini + Lymphatic disorders Sanjeevini + Spleen Sanjeevini + Infection Sanjeevini + Inflammation Sanjeevini + Whole Body Sanjeevini + Cleansing combination + Vaccine Antidote combination. + Polio Sanjeevini.

This is a basic combination to be added to Sanjeevinis being given for problems related to lymphatic glands eg. tonsilitis, adenoids, lymphomas, lumps in the arm-pit, lump in the groin, primary complex related to Tuberculosis, Cancer, Aids, Bubonic plague etc.

The lymphatic system is our sewage-system-cum-immune-system. It carries waste to the blood which then takes it to the liver and kidneys for flushing out of the system. That matter which would be too toxic for the blood to handle gets blocked in the lymph nodes (which we see as lumps or glands). Pricking, poking, cutting a lymph node is folly - it lets loose in the body that matter which the body intelligence has trapped and held captive in one place.

Note: During the 1950's and 1960's millions of people received polio vaccines that were contaminated with the SV-40 virus undetected in the monkey organs used to prepare the vaccines. SV-40 is considered a powerful immunosuppressor and trigger for HIV. It is said to cause a clinical condition similar to AIDS, and has been found in tumours, leukaemia, and other human cancers as well.

  1. AIDS - SSC 22 + AIDS (all types) Sanjeevini. + any other combinations and/ or Sanjeevinis according to symptoms (Please select the required Body Parts Sanjeevinis and Disease Sanjeevinis from the index).
  2. Please refer to note on Wheat grass below.

  3. Cancer - SSC 22 + Cancers (all) Sanjeevini + any other combinations and/ or Sanjeevinis according to symptoms (Please select the required Body Parts Sanjeevinis and Disease Sanjeevinis from the index).
  4. Leukaemia - SSC 22(b) + Anaemia combination (SSC 3) + Bone Marrow Sanjeevini + Leukaemia Sanjeevini.

    This combination is for blood cancer. If it is childhood leukaemia - please add the Vaccine Antidote Combination. Some Nature Cure schools of thought advocate the following:

    First thing in the morning the patient must eat 1 teaspoon of freshly chopped onion + 1 teaspoon of freshly chopped tomatoes with a tiny pinch of red chillie powder - all mixed together. Although results may be seen very soon the practice must continue for a long period of several years. There are people who have reported remarkable success using this method. It certainly cannot do any harm.

    For more information on alternative cancer therapies please refer to the note on WHEAT GRASS and the recommended reading and site below.

  5. Tumours - SSC 22 + Tumours & Growths Sanjeevini + any other combinations and/ or Sanjeevinis according to symptoms (Please select the required Body Parts Sanjeevinis and Disease Sanjeevinis from the index).
Wheat grass and/ or its juice is a specific food which can assist in fighting a whole range of chronic ailments - from simple anaemia to leukaemia; from a simple skin rash to skin cancer. It is a wonderful cleanser and rejuvenator which means it helps your body to throw out toxins that have built up over the years and helps it replace old dead cells with new cells. These are the two essential factors that cause disease in our bodies and which wheat grass sets right.
Recommended Reading: "Reclaiming Our Health" by John Robbins - ISBN 0-915811-69-3 Published by H.J. Kramer Inc.




SSS + Hair Sanjeevini + Head Sanjeevini + Blood Sanjeevini + Liver Sanjeevini + Thyroid Sanjeevini.

Use this basic combination for any problems relating to the hair combining other Sanjeevinis wherever necessary.

  1. Lice - SSC 23 + Lice Sanjeevini.
  2. Try not to use lice killers - some contain a chemical which causes blindness. Instead use Shikakai soap or Neem (Margosa) water.

  3. Dandruff - SSC 23 + Skin combination(SSC 33) + Dandruff Sanjeevini.

Diet plays a dominant role - please refer to the section Diet & Lifestyle for details on diet.

Note: Some people benefit by applying lemon juice or sesame oil to the scalp before washing. Avoid harsh shampoos - some anti-dandruff shampoos can cause damage internally due to the ingredients that go int them e.g. tar. We find Fuller's Earth (Multani Mitti) and/or Shikakai nut powder (also known as soap nut powder) are good substitutes for shampoos especially if you are the kind that wants to wash frequently.




SSS + Emergencies combination (SSC 18) + Head Sanjeevini is the first aid combination.

However there are many causes and a permanent solution lies in treating the causes. Poor vision, sinusitis, constipation, liver and gall bladder disorders, high blood pressure, are the main causes. Each cause must be treated with its own Sanjeevini combination.

Migraine - SSC 24 + Liver problems combination (SSC 27) + Migraine Sanjeevini. Follow all precautions as given under SSC 27.




SSS + Heart Sanjeevini + Chest Sanjeevini + Circulatory System Sanjeevini + Veins & Arteries Problems Sanjeevini + Cleansing combination (SSC 12) + Liver combination (SSC 27) (remember it is the liver that processes cholestrol).

Give the Emergency combination SEPARATELY to be used in emergencies.

  1. Angina - SSC 25 + Angina Sanjeevini + Blockages Sanjeevini.
  2. Give the Emergencies combination SEPARATELY to be used in emergencies.

  3. Arteriosclerosis (and atherosclerosis) - SSC 25 + Arteriosclerosis Sanjeevini + Blockages Sanjeevini.
  4. Give the Emergencies combination SEPARATELY to be used in emergencies.

  5. Palpitations - SSC 25 + Palpitations Sanjeevini. You may need to add Thyroid Sanjeevini and Hyperthyrodism Sanjeevini.
  6. Palpitations in women could be due to menstrual disorders or menopause. In such cases you must add the Female Combination together with Menstrual Disorders Sanjeevini or Menopause Sanjeevini.

  7. Hole in the heart - SSC 25 + Heart, Hole in- Sanjeevini + Blockages Sanjeevini.
  8. This combination is to be used for hole(s) in the heart and for all structural damage to the heart and the valves etc.

Note : Diet and lifestyle is of paramount importance. Alcohol, tobacco, smoking,meat, milk, sweets, soft drinks, fried foods are OUT. Fruits only for breakfast - no cereals upto noon. One tablespoon of Isabgol at night with water helps clear clogged arteries. Lemon water is excellent.




SSS + Injury Sanjeevini +Infection Sanjeevini + Inflammation Sanjeevini + Bone Sanjeevini + Shock Sanjeevini + Body Tissues Sanjeevini + Tetanus Sanjeevini.

Vary this according to your requirements by adding Swelling, Bleeding, or the relevant location Body Parts Sanjeevinis e.g. Leg and Foot Sanjeevini, Arm and Hand Sanjeevini, Head Sanjeevini etc. ( For additional Body Part Sanjeevinis and Disease Sanjeevinis required please refer to the list under Body Part Sanjeevinis and Disease Sanjeevinis).

This can be applied locally when made in water. Orally also, when the situation is acute, it can be taken in water and sipped slowly.

The Tetanus Sanjeevini is actually already included in the Injury Sanjeevini but there was a great demand from healers who became aware of the negative effects of the Tetanus Vaccine - for a separate Sanjeevini which could be use (a) instead of the vaccine and (b) for anti-doting the tetanus vaccine.

Note: There is a big question mark on this vaccine which is being used by 140 countries during pregnancy at the behest of the WHO apparently to prevent neo-natal deaths from tetanus. The true agenda of governments and welfare organisations is unclear. Since the tetanus vaccine is valid for 5 to 10 years it makes absolutely no sense to give it 2 to 3 times in a period of 9 months. It is also now an open secret that in many countries the tetanus vaccine has been found to be "spiked" with Hcg - a hormone which when given with the tetanu vaccine - causes antibodies to be formed againtst the foetus and all future foetuses - thus making it effectively a birth control vaccine. While human rights organisations are looking into this flagrant violation of human rights we advise all women in the child bearing age to be aware! Educate yourself on this subject before you decide to vaccinate yourself or your child. Tetanus is not a disease that can occur very easily. The tetanus spore grows on in anaerobic conditions and all we have to do is ensure that a wound is cleaned thoroughly and if it is deep, ensure that it does not close up before the healing of the wound is complete.

To anti-dote the vaccine if it has already been taken, please use this Sanjeevini together with the Vaccine Antidote combination.




SSS + Liver Sanjeevini + Digestion problems combination (SSC 16) + Infection Sanjeevini + Gall Bladder Sanjeevini.

  1. Jaundice (including all types of hepatitis) - SSC 27 + Jaundice Sanjeevini.
  2. Note: This combination can be used as a preventive.

  3. Gall Stones - SSC 27 + Stones (Gall Bladder) Sanjeevini + Blockages Sanjeevini.

  4. Cirrhosis of the Liver - SSC 27 + Cleansing combination + Body Tissue Sanjeevini.
  5. Please treat separately for Addictions if the person is alcoholic.

Diet cannot be over emphasised. Please study the separate note on Diet & Lifestyle very thoroughly. Life is a dead-end with a ruined liver - people must be guided accordingly for diet. Acupressure is a good tool to assist in rejuvenation of the liver.

A major cause for liver failure is aluminium. This creeps in through the food we cook in aluminium vessels, through allopathic antacids and through the water we drink (alum is used in the water treatment). Add to this our Kola yuga (junk food) diet and we have a perfect combination for ruined health.




SSS + Chest Sanjeevini + Respiratory Tract Sanjeevini + Infection + Fever Combination+ Blood Sanjeevini + Lung Sanjeevini.

This is your basic lung and chest combination. Add the relevant Sanjeevinis to this for different disorders.

  1. Bronchitis - Lung & Chest combination + Bronchitis Sanjeevini + Cough (wet) Sanjeevini.

  2. Cough Wet - Same as SSC 28 (a).

  3. Cough Dry - Please see under SSC 37 (a).

  4. Pneumonia - Lung & Chest combination + Pneumonia Sanjeevini + Cough (wet) or Cough (dry) Sanjeevini, as the case may be.

  5. Tuberculosis - Lung & Chest combinatioin + Tuberculosis Sanjeevini + Cough (wet) or Cough (Dry) + Endocrine System Sanjeevini + Glands combination (SSC 22).

  6. Primary Complex (Beginning of Tuberculosis) - SSC 28 (e) + Primary Complex Sanjeevini + Tuberculosis Sanjeevini + Vaccine Antidote combination.
  7. Note : Primary complex Sanjeevini may also be used for the primary complex (beginning stages) of Cancer & AIDS.

  8. Asthma - Lung & Chest combination + Asthma Sanjeevini + Vaccine Antidote combination. Give Suffocation & Wheeze Sanjeevini + Emergencies combination separately, to be used by the patient when in an asthma attack.

  9. Pneumonic plague - Lung & Chest combination + Pneumonic Plague Sanjeevini + Glands combination (SSC 22) + Endocrine System Sanjeevini.

  10. Oxygenation - Lung & Chest combination + Body Tissue Sanjeevini + Circulatory System Sanjeevini + Muscle Sanjeevini + Oxygenation Sanjeevini.
  11. The Oxygenation Sanjeevini is to help improve the oxygen level in the body. Lack of oxygen is something most of us are "suffering" from. Partly the blame lies in the polluted environment but partly we ourselves are to blame as well.We have forgotten how to breathe. This is the reason that most meditation techniques start with concentrating on the breath - simple awareness of the breathing pattern as each breath enters and leaves the nostrils. Even in our busy schedules all of us should be able to spend a few minutes standing at an open window and breathing deeply. Start by breathing out deeply so that the lungs are cleansed of old stale air. Please do not use your nose as a pump. Instead concentrate on expanding lungs and the chest area in general. This causes a vaccum to be created and air is sucked in effortlessly in large quantities. Try pausing for about 4 to 8 seconds between each inhalation and exhalation and the next inhalation.

Note 1 : Drugs like Lassix, which are being indiscriminately prescribed today, can damage our kidneys - they cause the water to leave the body leaving behind all the toxic waste which can cause kidney failure. (See also note on salt under Thyroid combination). People with water in the lungs are also prescribed this drug. The water in the lungs is often not monitored and Lassix is taken on a regular basis giving rise to dehydration of the lungs. In an attempt to retain moisture, the parched lungs then go into an attack of breathlessness or wheeze. In such cases do not interfere with the Lassix dosage - only explain to the patient the cause of his or her breathlessness. The patient can sip water when breathless in order to replace the fast disappearing moisture.

Note 2 : Please study the section Guidelines on Diet & Lifestyle very carefully and guide the patient accordingly. Also read the note under Anaemia Combination (SSC 3).




SSS + Male Sanjeevini + Endocrine Sanjeevini.

This is the basic combination.

  1. Puberty - Male combination + Puberty (boys) Sanjeevini.
  2. Please also read Puberty (girls) (SSC 20 (b) ) under Female combination. The same caution applies here too.

    Note: For Schizophrenia in boys - please see SSC 1(a (x))

    Prostate problems - Male combination + Prostate Sanjeevini + Cleansing & Kidney combination (SSC 12) + Swelling Sanjeevini + Blockages Sanjeevini + Glands combination (SSC 22) + Pus & Drawing Combination (SSC 31).

    For cancer add Cancer Sanjeevini. Please read the chapter on Wheatgrass. Use it in cancer patients. Please also refer to the Bleeding combination (Prostate Bleeding) - SSC 6 (c).

  3. Hydrocele - Male combination + Hydrocele Sanjeevini + Infection Sanjeevini + Water Retention Sanjeevini.

  4. Infertility - Male combination + Infertility Sanjeevini + ACID.




SSS + Paralysis Sanjeevini + Circulatory System Sanjeevini + Nervous System Sanjeevini + Blockages Sanjeevini + Brain Power combination (SSC 10)+ Veins & Arteries problems Sanjeevini + Muscle Sanjeevini + Endocrine System Sanjeevini + Body Tissue Sanjeevini.

This is the basic combination. The relevant body part Sanjeevini may be added eg. Tongue, Leg or Arm Sanjeevinis. Or, if almost the whole body is affected, Whole Body Sanjeevini can be added.

  1. Cerebral palsy - Paralysis Combination + Vaccine Antidote combination + Retardation (Physical) Sanjeevini + Retardation (Mental) Sanjeevini - if necessary.

  2. Polio - SSC 30 (a) + Polio Sanjeevini + Fevers combination (SSC 21) + Vaccine Antidote combination.
  3. It does not matter how long ago the patient had suffered from Polio. (Please refer to SSC 10 also)

    Polio can and is most often caused by vaccines including the Polio Vaccine itself.




SSS + Drawing Sanjeevini + Infection Sanjeevini + Inflammation Sanjeevini + Fever & Flu Sanjeevini + Gland combination (SSC 22).

This combination can be used for drawing out foreign particles as well as pus and putrid matter. Please study the Note below very carefully.

  1. Boils and Abscesses - Pus & Drawing combination + Boils Sanjeevini.
  2. To this you could add the relevant body part where the problem is located.

  3. Fissures - Pus & Drawing combination + Fissures Sanjeevini + Rectal Sanjeevini.

  4. Fistula - Pus & Drawing combination + Fistula Sanjeevini + Rectal Sanjeevini.
  5. Pus in any part of the body - be it a boil, a lump, a gland, a tumour, discharging ears, blocked sinuses, chronic acne conditions, deteriorating eye-sight, fistula or fissures - all these are indications that there is too much putrid matter in the body. If these conditions are not dealt with naturally or if they are ignored or suppressed, they could grow "backwards" into our bodies and become calcified tumours in various organs including the brain.

    If there is any indication that a borl or abscess formed after a vaccination please add the Vaccine Antidote combination.

    Note : The Pus & Drawing combination, we are finding, does not necessarily draw out from the local site of the boil or abscess but instead allows the body to choose the best avenue for throwing out - which could be bowels, kidneys, nose etc.

    It is best to give this combination for 24 hours and then evaluate to see if the boil or abscess is getting bigger or smaller. If it has shrunk then you do not need to provide a "dressing" to the local site. But if it has become bigger and more angry looking, a dressing with the bread and milk poultice will speed up the drawing out process. The dressing must continue until all the putrid matter has been drawn out.

    Bread and Milk Poultice : Heat a few tablespoons of milk. Turn off the heat. Immediately add 1/2 to 1 slice of white bread to the milk. Allow the bread to soak the milk. While still slightly warm, squeeze out the surplus milk. Cup the bread in the palm of one hand. In the center of this add one teaspoon of white sugar. Apply this whole mass to the abscess or boil so that the sugar touches the area where the "head" is likely to form.

    Cover with a thick wad of cotton wool followed by a large piece of gauze. Hold it in place with a bandage if convenient - otherwise use sticking plaster. Until the abscess opens up (it takes 1-3 days usually), the dressing needs to be done once a day. Once the boil or abscess has opened up, you may need to dress the wound twice a day or as soon as the dressing is wet. At each dressing wash with salt-water solution. Do not rub the wound - just soak a wad of cotton with the salt and squeeze the water on to the wound. Wipe gently with wet cotton only around the wound taking care not to touch the open wound. Touching the would interferes with the healing which is taking place. Continue with the dressing until swelling and the hard redness around the wound has disappeared. When the swelling disappears you can switch to a simple dressing of R-30 ointment (see Injury combination for details).




SSS + Rheumatism/Arthritis/ Gout (RAG) Sanjeevini + Endocrine Sanjeevini + Cleansing & Kidney combination (SSC 12) + Bone Sanjeevini + Pain Sanjeevini + ACID Sanjeevini + Muscle Sanjeevini.

To this basic combination you can add the relevant Body Part Sanjeevini e.g. Knees Sanjeevini.

Diet is of paramount importance. Please read carefully the section on diet to find out what NOT to eat. Do not combine lemon water with sugar - it is pure acid. Always have lemon water with honey and/or a little rock salt and black pepper powder.

No milk or yoghurt, meat, fish eggs, soft drinks (or hard drinks), sweets, tobacco or smoking.

Note 1 : Massaging the body or at least the affected parts with warm sesame oil is very beneficial.

Note 2 : For swollen knees which are red, shiny and seem to contain water - when there is acute pain apply slighly warmed Castor oil and foment with DRY HEAT. This can be done by heating brick dust or sand which has been put in a handy cloth bag (say 6" x 6"). You can heat on the tawa (griddle) or in the oven. If you are using the oven, first heat the sand and then pour into the bag. This bag is then gently applied to the knees after applying the Castor oil.




SSS + Cleansing & Kidney combination (SSC 12) + Skin Sanjeevini + Thyroid Sanjeevini.

Add other Sanjeevinis as required:

  1. Psoriasis (and all types of Itching even if it is not psoriasis) - SSC 33 + Psoriasis Sanjeevini + Vaccine Antidote combination.

  2. Eczema - SSC 33 + Eczema Sanjeevini + Vaccine Antidote combination.

  3. Fungal infection (including ringworm , Dhobi's itch, Barber's rash) - SSC 33 + Worms & Parasites Sanjeevini + Fungal Infection Sanjeevini.

  4. This can be used for all kinds of fungal infections including Candida. Combine it with the relevant combinations or Sanjeevinis - for example - Female Combination (SSC 20) for candida or other fungal infection of the female reproductory tract; Mouth Sanjeevini for thrush in the mouth and so on. When made up in water, it may also be used as an external application, mouth wash, or douche.

    Diet plays a big role in fungal infections. Animal products, sugar (this includes all sweets), so-called "soft" drinks - must all be avoided. Do not combine fruits with anything else - eat them on a completely empty stomach only.

    Fungal infections are also immensely helped by washing the relevant parts in Neem. Please see the note on Neem below.

  5. Urticaria (Pitthi/Hives) - Look under Allergies combination (SSC 2b)

  6. Warts - SSC 33 + Warts Sanjeevini + Vaccine Antidote combination.

  7. Leucoderma (Vitiligo - white pigmentation on the skin) - SSC 33 + Leucoderma Sanjeevini + Liver combination (SSC27) + Vaccine Antidote combination.
  8. All "white" foods must be removed especially milk, yoghurt (curds), cottage cheese (paneer), all sweets made with milk.

  9. Herpes Zoaster (Shingles) - Skin combination + Herpes Zoaster + Nervous System Sanjeevini + Chicken Pox Sanjeevini.

  10. Herpes Simplex - SSC 33 + Herpes Simplex Sanjeevini + Vaccine Antidote combination.
  11. May be used for genital herpes or recurring cold sores. Combine with the relevant Combinations (Male or Female).Use as an external application too.

    Please see the note on Neem below.

  12. Scabies - SSC 33 + Scabies Sanjeevini.
  13. For local application prepare the Sanjeevinis in water and apply as a lotion. Please seen the note on Neem below.

Note : The skin is a secondary excretory organ. Any skin condition indicates that the primary excretory organs i.e. Kidneys are clogged up. Anything other than health food (the Diet and Lifestyle section describes this) will aggravate this condition and indeed result in chronic renal (kidney) failure if corrective steps are not taken.

Neem: Most skin ailments are also immenselyhelped by washing the relevant parts in Neem (margosa) water (prepared by boiling 8 to 10 neem leaves in 1 1/2 cups of water for 5 minutes). If neem does not grow in your part of the world, take some with you from India. The leaves can be dried in the shade and stored indefinitely. They are light to carry and available in plenty all over India. Do not usee so called patented need ointments - the "wholistic" effect is lost - only the active ingredient is extracted leaving you open to possible reactions. Only nature provides everything in balance.




For this give SSS + Fevers combination (SSC 21) + Emergencies combination (SSC 18) + Dehydration Sanjeevini.

Give in water for constant sipping. To this water you can add some lemon juice and a pinch of salt and some honey.




SSS + Teeth Sanjeevini + Gums Sanjeevini + Mouth Sanjeevini.

  1. Caries - SSC 35 + Caries Sanjeevini + Infection Sanjeevini + Pain Sanjeevini + Bone Sanjeevini + Nervous System Sanjeevini.

  2. Teething in babies - SSC 35 + Bone Sanjeevini + Pain Sanjeevini.
  3. If fever and/or diarrhoea are present, please add the relevant combinations to this.

    Instead of commercial teething rings, make a necklace for the baby from dried dates, stringing them through a tough string. It is effective, nutritious and delicious babies love it.

  4. Pyorrhoea and Bleeding gums - SSC 35 + Pus & Drawing combination (SSC 31) + Bleeding combination (SSC 6) + Infection Sanjeevini.
  5. It is important to remember that when teeth and gums give trouble, or there are ulcers in the mouth, the body is giving a very strong signal that toxins have reached a very high level. The very gateway of food is now protesting - this warning from nature must be heeded. Diet must be examined very closely and rectified.

    (See section on "Guidelines on Diet & Lifestyle").

    Brushing teeth with a neem (margosa) twig daily or as often as possible, is recommended. Massaging the gums with a paste of mustard oil and salt can help with Bleeding gums and Pyorrhoea.

    Note : Using commercial toothpastes may be very "pleasant" but beware of the sugar content and various other not-so-pleasant additives. Make your own toothpowder by mixing salt and soda bicarb (2:1). Leaves your teeth sparkling clean. Do not use toothpaste containing "Flouride". Use Ayurvedic preparations if you wish to use toothpaste.




SSS + Endocrine System Sanjeevini + Cleansing & Kidney combination (SSC 12) + Thyroid Sanjeevini .

This is the basic combination.

  1. Simple Goitre - SSC 36 + Swelling Sanjeevini + Body Tissue Sanjeevini. If Cancer is suspected add Gland combination (SSC 22) + Cancer Sanjeevini.

  2. Hyperthyroidism (over-active thyroid) - SSC 36 + Hyperthyrodism Sanjeevini + Hyperactivity Sanjeevini.

  3. Hypothyroidism (under-active thyroid) - SSC 36 + Hypothyroidism Sanjeevini + Obesity Sanjeevini + Water Retention Sanjeevini.

Important : Please do not take anyone off their allopathic drugs.

The present day refined salt (so-called iodised) is a "drug" and must not be used indiscriminately. The best salt to use is unprocessed, unrefined sea salt. Ground rock salt is very good for many problems, but must not be used in excess. In fact salt per se can be really cut down drastically from our diet. Salt causes more problems than it solves. Salt is acid and the body intelligence retains water in the body to neutralise this acid. This causes water retention leading to Obesity & High Blood pressure.




SSS + Throat & Tonsils Sanjeevini(BPS) + Sore Throat Sanjeevini + Tonsilitis Sanjeevini + Infection Sanjeevini.

  1. Dry Cough - SSC 37 + Cough (dry) Sanjeevini + Pain Sanjeevini.

  2. Tonsils with Pus - SSC 37 + Glands combination (SSC 22) + Pus & Drawing combination (SSC 31) + Fevers combination (SSC 21).
  3. Please also refer to SSC 21 (f).

A good home remedy for congestion in the throat and acute tonsilitis is 1 tsp. honey mixed with 1/4 tsp. turmeric (haldi), to be licked off the spoon slowly. Give this 3 times a day.

As a first aid, chilled water sippled slowly is excellent for a very dry cough and a very painful sore throat. Do not use this if there is accompanying chest congestion.




SSS + Ulcer Sanjeevini + Digestion combination (SSC 16) + Mouth Sanjeevini or Tongue Sanjeevini or Gums Sanjeevini etc.

This is combination for ulcers of any part of the digestive system.

For ulcers of the legs or any other part due to diabetes or old injury or cancer, treat according to the disease using the affected Body Part Sanjeevinis, Glands combination, Pus & Drawing combination, Cancer Sanjeevini, Diabetes combination or any other relevant Sanjeevinis or their combinations.

Wheat grass, moistened and crushed on a stone and then applied as a poultice heals even very old leg ulcers. For instructions on how to grow Wheat grass please refer to the chapter on "Wheat grass" under Guidelines on Diet & Lifestyle.




SSS + Vomiting Sanjeevini + Liver problems combination (SSC 27).

Often, in children, vomiting is due to tonsilitis. Please check for this and in such cases add the Tonsilitis combination

When there is vomiting, it is a clear message from the body that we must not put anything in it. Trying to force food down the throat of a child who is vomiting is inviting further trouble. LISTEN to the body's language - it talks -given half a chance.




SSS + Addictions Sanjeevini + SAFE *(Scars of Abuse, Fears Eradication) Sanjeevini + Cleansing & Kidney combination (SSC 12) + Liver Combination (SSC 27) + Whole Body* Sanjeevini.

An important part of trying to overcome addictions are affirmations and mantras. Visualising (imagination) can also play a very important role

  1. Alcohol Related Addictions - SSC 40 + Addictions (Alcohol Related) Sanjeevini (DS 151).
  2. Use for addiction to any alcohol related substance - be it beer, rum, whisky, wine, liqueur, vodka, feni or locally or home brewed stuff.

  3. Caffeine Related Addictions - SSC 40 + Addictions (Caffeine Related) Sanjeevini (DS 152).
  4. Use for addiction to coffee, tea, chocolates (and chocolate flavoured drinks, ice creams etc), colas and anything that you know has caffeine.

  5. Nicotine Related Addictions - SSC 40 + Addictions (Nicotine Related) Sanjeevini (DS 153).
  6. Use for addiction to cigarettes, cigars, bidis, hukka, tobacco, gutka and paan or paan-masala chewing or anything that you know has nicotine.

  7. Drug Related Addictions - SSC 40 + Addictions(Drug Related) Sanjeevini (DS 154).
  8. Use for addictions to all kinds of drugs including sleeping pills and all "mental" drugs medically prescribed in addition to heroin, marijuana, etc.

    For medically prescribed drugs, please do not discontinue immediately - as the underlying condition improves (please treat the underlying causes with the Sanjeevinis simultaneously e.g. depression or epilepsy), the drug can be slowly reduced and over a long period tapered off and discontinued as the situation demands.

    The prayer in all these is to remove dependency be healing the underlying deeper causes and to subsequently create an aversion.

*For details on SAFE Sanjeevini and Whole Body Sanjeevini please refer to Sarva Shakthi Shanthi combination (SSC 1).



SSC 41 - ANOREXIA (loss of appetite) COMBINATION

SSS + Anorexia Sanjeevini.

This is often due to mental and psychological reasons.




SSS + Appendix Sanjeevini + Digestion combination (SSC 16) + Infection Sanjeevini + Inflammation Sanjeevini + Emergencies combination (SSC 18).

Important : Give frequently in water, but remember that acute appendicitis is a life threatening medical emergency and the patient must be rushed to a hospital.




SSS + Gonorrhoea Sanjeevini + Male problems combination (SSC 29) or Female problems combination (SSC 20) + Infection Sanjeevini + Inflammation Sanjeevini.

To this you can add the affected body parts eg. Vision combination (SSC 19b).




SSS + Hernia Sanjeevini + Abdomen Sanjeevini + Injury Sanjeevini + Pain Sanjeevini. Add to this Circulatory System Sanjeevini + Veins and Arteries Sanjeevini + Infection Sanjeevini + Inflammation Sanjeevini if there is danger of strangulation.




SSS + Incontinence Sanjeevini.

This combination is to be used for any kind of incontinence:

  1. Urinary incontinence - Incontinence combination + Cleansing & Kidney combination (SSC 12) + Muscle Sanjeevini.

  2. Sexual incontinence - Incontinence combination + Male problems combination (SSC 29) or Female problems combination (SSC 20) - as the case may be.

  3. Incontinence of desires (uncontrollable desire for any thing) - Incontinence combination (SSC 45) + Addictions combination (SSC 40) + Tongue Sanjeevini (if the desires are to do with food).




SSS + Leprosy Sanjeevini + Glands combination (SSC 22) + Cleansing & Kidney combination (SSC 12) + Circulatory System Sanjeevini + Veins & Arteries problems Sanjeevini + Skin Sanjeevini + Nervous System Sanjeevini + Body Tissues Sanjeevini + Vaccine Antidote combination + the relevant Body Parts Sanjeevini eg. Arm & Hand Sanjeevini or Leg & Foot Sanjeevini or Nose Sanjeevini etc. (Please select the required Body Parts Sanjeevini from the main index)

Leprosy is very often tubercular in nature. Tuberculosis Sanjeevini can be added to the above combination. If numbness is a symptom (it often is), then add Numbness Sanjeevini.

After a month of treatment make a remedy of vibrations of the discharge of the patient's sores (see Instructions chapter - Preparing vibrations from a given gross substance using the Multiplication & Broadcasting Card (Instruction 6)), taking care to use a cotton bud to obtain a sample. The sample can be smeared into a plastic bottle (even a miniscule quantity is enough). Please dispose off the cotton bud and the sample bottle safely.

The pills prepared from the discharge can be preserved as a permanent sample. The vibrations from this can be added to the general Sanjeevini combination being given to the patient.

(Ointment for local application can be made by using mustard oil or sesame (til) oil as the medium for preparation of this combination).




SSS + Marasmus Sanjeevini + Muscle Sanjeevini + Bone Sanjeevini + Vaccine Antidote combination (together with all the Sanjeevinis pertaining to diseases for which the child has been vaccinated e.g. Measles, Polio etc - Please select the required Disease Sanjeevini cards from the index)

This is the basic combination. Add according to the condition of the child e.g. Vision combination SSC 19 (b), Teeth combination (SSC 35) etc.

Marasmus is the ultimate condition of malnutrition (remember the pictures of starving children in Ethiopia). Marasmus in thrid world countries is caused by mass vaccination programs. The vaccines overwhelm the child's immune system resulting in chronic diarrhoea/ pneumonia/ malnutrition leading to Marasmus.

The allopathic system of medicine blames the mothers for "rejecting" the child. Anyone who has read "Every Second Child" by Archie Kalo Kerinos, M.D., will understand that how we blame ANYONE except the accepted system of health.

In the event that the child or group of children or a community is suffering from marasmus due to external factors please prepare the Sai Protein food as given in the recipe section and distribute as a daily quota. This is a very cost-effective and easy way to provide nutrition.




SSS + Muscular Dystrophy Sanjeevini + Muscle Sanjeevini + Nervous System Sanjeevini + Body Tissues Sanjeevini + Bone Sanjeevini + Vaccine Antidote combination + the affected body parts. (Please select the required Body Parts Sanjeevinis from the index).

In some cases even bones get deformed and scoliosis (curvature of the spine) takes place.

This was considered an inherited disorder seen almost always in boys. Muscle tissue begins to degenerate and is slowly replaced by fatty tissue. Usually starts in the pelvic muscles and the lower back muscles. The child develops a waddling gait. Calf muscles, shoulders and arms are also slowly affected. We now know that childhood vaccines play a major causative role in this disease.



SSC 49 - OBESITY (being overweight) COMBINATION

SSS + Obesity Sanjeevini.

Obesity is a common problem amongst Indians where fat is usually synonymous with "healthy".




SSS + Polyps Sanjeevini + Pus & Drawing Combination(SSC 31) + Nose Sanjeevini, (adding Sinus combination, Ear combination, Digestion Combination, Female combination - as required).

Polyps are benign growths usually found in the nose, and sinuses, and less often in the stomach, ear, colon and uterus.

Often polyps are due to Hayfever (and the antihistamines being indiscriminately used to suppress it). Treat the cause if you can locate it (see Allergies combination SSC 2).




The combination would be SSS + Septicaemia Sanjeevini + Blood Sanjeevini + Body Tissues Sanjeevini + Fever combination + Cleansing combination + Glands combination + Whole Body Sanjeevini.

This is the basic combination. You may require Pus & Drawing comb as well and some body part Sanjeevinis in case there is putrid matter wanting to leave from a particular place eg. Leg & Foot Sanjeevini.

Under this category comes any kind of blood poisoning - be it Pyaemia, Toxaemia, Sapraemia or Septicaemia.

Diet and lifestyle is very important - please guide the patient to a very simple diet. Please refer to section on Diet and Lifestyle for details.




SSS + Syphilis Sanjeevini + Male problems combination (SSC 29) or Female problems combination (SSC 20) + Glands combination (SSC 22) + Cleansing & Kidney combination (SSC 12).

You may need to add other combinations or Sanjeevinis depending on the symptoms eg. Circulatory System Sanjeevini, Pus & Drawing Combination (SSC 31), Vision combination (SSC 19b).




SSS + Cleansing & Kidney combination (SSC 12) + Liver combination (SSC 27) + Water Retention sanjeevini would be the basic combination.

Add to it as per requirement. Please also refer to Thyroid (Hypothyroidism) combination (SSC 36c).

Important : It is important to read the write up accompanying Lung & Chest combination and Thyroid combination regarding Lassix and salt.




SSS + Whooping Cough Sanjeevini + Lung & Chest combination (SSC 28) + Vaccine Antidote combination.

Use this combination whenever a cough keeps coming back; when a child cannot sleep due to the cough; when there is dry deep barking cough as soon as the child lies down. You will not harm in any way by giving this "prayer" so do not hesitate. Milk must be discontinued. Please refer to section on Diet & Lifestyle. Sai Protien food can be given for a few months (see Recipes for Sai Protien Food)

Today, due to vaccinations we do not see much of whooping cough - only sickly looking children suffering from chronic chest conditions. Which is worse - having whooping cough for 40 days and bidding it goodbye or having a lifelong "chest" condition?




Sarva Shakthi Shanthi (SSC1) + Vaccine Antidote Sanjeevini (DS 185) + SAFE Sanjeevini (DS 143) + Whole Body Sanjeevini (BPS 54) + Ahimsa Sanjeevini (DS 145) + Cleansing Combination (SSC 12) + the Sanjeevini related to the vaccine you are trying to antidote e.g. Measles Combination (SSC 21d) or Mumps Combination (SSC 21e) or Diphtheria Combination (SSC 21g). Please remember that the "P" in the DPT vaccine stands for Pertussis. In the Sanjeevinis it is called Whooping Cough.

Please select other Combinations/ Body Parts Sanjeevini cards/ Disease Sanjeevini cards from the index, as required.

It is really amazing how little the medical world knows about what vaccines can do in the body - all they talk about is antibodies being formed. The truth is that what the medical establishment does not know about how vaccines work inside the body is substantially greater that what it does know. And children are paying the price! Is it really worth trying to prevent relatively harmless childhood diseases which are important milestones in the growth of the immune system of the child - and acquiring permanent brain damage, autism, diabetes, blood clotting disorders and a host of auto-immune disorders like cancers. SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) is also being increasingly linked to childhood vaccinations.

Naturopaths and Homoeopaths have always long known the disastrous effects of vaccinations especially the role they play in development of chronic diseases. Most Homoeopaths will not even begin treatment of chronic disorders until they have antidoted the effects of vaccination (regardless of how long ago the vaccination was administered) with Thuja or another remedy of their choice.

The Vaccine Antidote Sanjeevini is a good place to start when dealing with chronic diseases and auto-immune disorders like Cancer, AIDS, Rheumatism and Arthritis, Juvenile Diabetes, blood clotting disorders, Multiple Sclerosis, Guillaine Barre Syndrome, all kinds of mental and physical disorders in children (e.g. Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Encephalitis, speech disorders, Dislexia, Attention Deficit Disorder), Asthma, Psoriasis and other chronic skin ailments, renal failure (not getting measles has been found to have a connection with renal failure in children), Leprosy, Tuberculosis, Myalgic Encephalitis (ME or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) as it is often called), chronic liver disorders, children showing signs of marasmus, malnutrition and chronic dysentry and several other conditions.

Add this combination to the main combination being given to the patient for the disease at hand. If you would just like to anti-dote vaccines although there is no immediate health problem at hand - to prevent future chronic problems - please give the Vaccine Antidote combination as given in the paragraph above on its own - 3 doses a day for a fortnight (or more if you feel innerly guided). You might want to antidote one vaccine at a time or several together. Again, be guided by your "inner knowing"

Note: In 1995/96 the WHO campaign in Africa with an experimental high titer Measles vaccine (EZT) resulted in thousands of children dying of malnutrition and of diseases which overwhelmed the children because the immune system of the children became compromised as a result of the vaccine - so they "apparently" died of diarrhoea, pneumonia, gastro-enteritis etc. This campaign was later called off but not before damage on a vast scale had already been done.

If a map is drawn of those areas of Africa, which had the first spontaneous outbreak of AIDS, it corresponds exactly to the map of those areas where WHO conducted its Small Pox and Polio Vaccine campaigns. It is now known that this was because the Simian (monkey) equivalent of HIV - the SIV - crossed over to humans in contaminated vaccines.

We urge you to pursue the subject further through the recommended reading on the topic.

Recommended reading on Vaccination Risks :

Vaccinations - Are They Really Safe and Effective? - by Neil Miller
ISBN 1-881217-10-8

How to Raise a Healthy Child In Spite of Your Doctor - Dr. Robert Mendelsohn MD
ISBN 0-345-34276-3

Immunisations - What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About Them - Dr. Robert Mendelsohn MD

Immunization - Theory vs. Reality by Neil Miller ISBN 1-881217-12-4

Recommended sites :

"I am and have been for years a confirmed anti-vaccinationist. Anti-vaccination has no backing from the orthodox medical opinion. A medical man who expresses himself against vaccination loses caste. Tremendous pecuniary interests too have grown round vaccination."




SSS + Bone Sanjeevini + Endocrine System Sanjeevini.

This is your basic bone combination. Add to this according to your needs. (Please select the required Body Parts Sanjeevini cards and Disease Sanjeevini cards from the index).

  1. Bone Injuries - SSC 56 + Injuries combination + Pain Sanjeevini.

  2. Osteoporosis - SSC 56 + Osteoporosis Sanjeevini + Cleansing & Kidney combination
  3. The Cleansing combination is used because kidney have been put under great pressure when the calcium has been leaving the body. Remember what causes Osteoporosis - meat (all non-vegetarian food including eggs), milk, alcohol, tobacco products, refined salt, aerated drinks containing phosphoric acid etc. The cause must be removed. Taking calcium supplements is not the answer. This will only put additional burden on the kidneys. If Menopause is part of the problems add this combination too - SSC 20(c).

  4. Flourosis - SSC 56 + Flourosis Sanjeevini.
  5. Flourosis is the condition of the body brought about by natural fluoride in the ground water supply e.g. what we see in Andhra Pradesh. Affected persons' bones begin to twist and turn in the most grotesque fashion. It is beginning to show its ugly head in many parts of India and unfortunately the medical establishment has responded by asking people to drink more milk. This will only create further problems. The solution lies in reverting to using tamarind (well cooked) in our food and doing away with the imported habit of cooking food with tomatoes (Please refer to "Cooking without Tomatoes" under Recipes). It is also good to use lemon in the food frequently. Three years ago when a fluoride conference was held in Puttaparthi, eminent doctors from all over the world applauded Baba's intricate knowledge of the subject but they obviously weren't listening to what He was saying - He said people have given up the habit of eating tamarind and lemon - these habits should be inculcated in young children so that they grow up healthy. Tamarind has the unique capacity to bind the excess fluoride and remove it from the body.

  6. Bunions, growths, spurs - SSC 56 + Bone Disorders (Growths) Sanjeevini + Cleansing & Kidney combination.
  7. Use the combination for bunions, growths, spurs under the sole of the foot etc. Also use for crystal formations in any part of the body and deposits on and between the vertebrae in spodylosis and other spine conditions. There are sometimes growths on the hip or shoulder as well. Combine it with the relevant Body Parts Sanjeevinis. (Please select the required Body Parts Sanjeevinis from the index)




SSS + SAFE Sanjeevini( DS 143) + Whole Body Sanjeevini (BPS 54) + Cleansing Combination (SSC 12) + Soil Rejuvenation Sanjeevini.

As we are all aware, the earth's soil is getting depleted of not only the top soil but also the delicately balance eco-system wich sustains it. Efforts to repair the damage are fragmented. In India the government is making no efforts at all to move into ecologically sound agricultural practices. The large scale usage of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides which are heavily subsidized by the government, is wreaking havoc on the environment.

Place the combination on broadcast to planet earth to a specific piece of land using a map ( for instructions on how to broadcast - see instruction 7 of ' Instructions'). The watering system could have the combination added to it once a day or the seeds themselves can be charged with the combination. We would love to have feedback from you on this Sanjeevini.



  1. Ticks & Fleas - Cleansing Combination + Hair Combination + Whole Body Sanjeevini (BPS 54) + Ticks & Fleas Sanjeevini (DS 184).

    Use this combination both internally in their drinking water and as a wash. For street dogs we can broadcast the Sanjeevini or add it to their drinking water.( For instructions on how to broadcast - see instruction 7 of ' Instructions').

    We have found that most street dogs only rarely get ticks - the domestic pets are the ones that get easily infested! That speaks volumes - do the vaccines and diet play a role? Besides, stray dogs immerse themselves in mud and slush to (a) suffocate the ticks and fleas and (b) to ease the itching.

  2. Canine Distemper - Fever Combination (SSC 21) + Liver Combination SSC (27) + Paralysis Combination (SSC 30) + Canine Distemper Sanjeevini (DS 146) + Vaccine Antidote Combination (SSC 55).

    This is for dogs. Please add other combinations if the symptoms so indicate. Canine Distemper Sanjeevini (DS 146) may be used as a preventive - a dose a week..

  3. Mange - Skin Combination (SSC 33 + Scabies (incl. mange for animals) Sanjeevini.

    May be used as a rinse or lotion as well.

    Most skin ailments are also immensely helped by washing the relevant parts in Neem (margosa) water (prepared by boiling 8 to 10 neem leaves in 1 1/2 cups of water for 5 minutes). If neem does not grow in your part of the world, take some with you from India. The leaves can be dried in the shade and stored indefinitely. They are light to carry and available in plenty all over India. Do not usee so called patented need ointments - the "wholistic" effect is lost - only the active ingredient is extracted leaving you open to possible reactions. Only nature provides everything in balance.

  4. PFBD (Beak& Feather disease) - SSS + Fever Combination + SAFE Sanjeevini (DS 143) + PFBD Sanjeevini (DS 175).

    This combination is for use in Parrots and Cockatoos. This is apparently a quick-spreading disease that can destroy large flocks of these birds. Use this Sanjeevini as a remedy as well as a preventive. When an epidemic is around add a few drops of the charged water to the general drinking water every day. The whole flock (farm, clinic etc) can also be put on broadcast .( For instructions on how to broadcast - see instruction 7 of ' Instructions'). The Fever combination is included even if there is no fever becasue the Fever Sanjeevini is programmed to treat all diseases caused by viruses and bacteria.
Please Note that ALL the Sanjeevinis can be used for animals and birds. The reason the above are listed here is because these problems are specific only to them. For other requirements for animals and birds - please select the required combinations from the SSC combination list.